Let’s meet our employees

Family business, good atmosphere, good listening skills, etc. Find out what our employees think of d’Argifral as the portraits unfold!

We start with Audrey, Executive Assistant at D’Argifral. She tells us about her job and her crush on Apéro Cochon products.

Next, a portrait of Nicolas. Now in charge of molding and demolding, what drives him in his job is passing on his knowledge and passion to newcomers.

Now it’s Catherine’s turn, Internal Sales and Marketing Manager. For her, the key words at d’Argifral are quality, conviviality and team spirit.

According to Didier, an employee for over 25 years and Production Manager for 6 years, the d’Argifral family spirit is always present, large or small team!

For just over 3 years, Véronique has been combing through the hygiene at D’Argifral’s production facilities. For her colleagues, she’s ready to eat blood sausage as early as 8 a.m. (even if it’s not what she prefers)!

Gaby has been with D’Argifral for 16 years, and is now in charge of charcuterie. Rather early in the morning, he sets up schedules and manages teams in the field.

When efficiency meets conviviality! Audrey joined the D’Argifral sales team almost two years ago. Organized and motivated, Audrey has never stopped growing within this team, which she considers a second family!

Julien has been cooking at D’Argifral for almost 12 years. Our courageous and motivated baking master doesn’t shy away from the job!

Much appreciated by his colleagues, especially on the 1st day of the month … Pierre-Alexandre, our finance manager joined the team at the end of 2020. Our numbers man also knows how to have fun… if you’re wondering … yes, he validated the staff party.

Whether for the end consumer or the quality department, proper label management is crucial to traceability, and requires a great deal of concentration. This work has been safely in Kevin’s hands since August 2019!

A technical problem? Nico and his team will help you out! As technical manager, Nicolas has to make sure that the machines are up and running. He remains available for his colleagues to maintain productivity.

Following in the family tradition, Savino has been working in the slaughterhouse sector since he was very young. At the start of the production line, the hams are trimmed and then distributed to the various workshops where our assortment of charcuterie products is produced.


About us

For 45 years, the family-run company ‘Le Bocage’ has specialized in the manufacture and marketing of pork and poultry charcuterie.