Local partnership between PQA and D’Argifral

D’Argifral and Porc Qualité Ardenne (PQA) are pleased to present their Jambon à l’os de Porc Fermier “Le Bocage”. A nitrite-free ham on the bone.

This ham on the bone is the fruit of a new local partnership between D’Argifral and PQA, a unique Belgian cooperative based in Malmedy, 35 km from our Chaineux production site. This cooperative, rooted in the Ardennes region, brings together over 150 farmers who want to produce quality pork on family-sized farms, while respecting animal welfare. Porc Fermier breeders follow strict specifications. The pigs are fed GMO-free, antibiotic-free feed and local cereals.

D’Argifral is very proud to support this cooperative by shaping this quality ham using an artisanal production method, with no nitrite added to this local product.

The result: creamy meat and authentic flavours.


About us

For 45 years, the family-run company ‘Le Bocage’ has specialized in the manufacture and marketing of pork and poultry charcuterie.