New Logo – Tartin’

Dear customers,

We’re pleased to present our new Tartin’ logo, the range of self-service charcuterie made by D’Argifral.

Tartin’ are delicious Belgian products, traditional recipes made from carefully selected ingredients, mainly from local producers. With respect for the environment and food safety, most of our packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials.

To mark the launch of our new logo, here’s what’s new!

Specialists in blood sausages for over 40 years, we now present our 4x75g assortments. Ideal as an aperitif or to accompany a meal, 4 delicious types of black pudding in a single package.

Boudin Blanc Assortment 4x75g

  • Boudin Blanc Nature
  • White Pudding with Cabbage
  • White Pudding with Grapes
  • Boudin Blanc Provençal

As the festive season approaches, we’re offering a variety of pleasures, with a selection of our best references:

White and Black Boudin Assortment 4x75g

  • White Pudding with Grapes
  • White Pudding with Cabbage
  • White Pudding with Chicory and Bacon
  • Black pudding with grapes

To be consumed cold, hot … but above all without moderation!


About us

For 45 years, the family-run company ‘Le Bocage’ has specialized in the manufacture and marketing of pork and poultry charcuterie.